NS Menulari A Warga Padang Pariaman Positif Covid,

NS infected A Citizen of Padang Pariaman Positive Covid, 28 people became OTG
Saturday, May 2, 2020 - 12:38:35 WIB
PADANG PARIAMAN - A resident of Kayu Tanam, Kabupaten Padang Paariaman with the initial A was declared positive Covid 19. A worked daily as a member of the PP Sat Pol in Padangpanjang City. He was suspected of contracting the virus from a married couple of PG and NS Corona positive patients who were treated at Padangpanjang Hospital and were referred to M. Djamil Hospital Padang.
"We already got word from the Padangpanjang Hospital on Thursday afternoon, the results were positive," said the head of the 19th Padang Pariaman Covid Task Force, Zahirman, Friday (1/5/2020)
Meanwhile, Padang Pariaman Task Force Communication Team Spokesman Spokesperson 19, Dr. Jasneli said after receiving the news, the Task Force team immediately tracked A's contact history on Friday morning.
"The result is that there are 28 people who have been in close contact with A, most of whom are his family, because he is a large family," he said via telephone
According to the plan 28 people who contact with this A Swab test will be conducted on Saturday or Monday.
Jasneli said that at this time A had been isolated in the hospital in Padangpanjang Hospital along with 12 medical staff in Padangpanjang Hospital who were also positive for Covid 19.
With the increase of one case, the number of people in Padang Pariaman who is positive at Covid 19 is now 5. With the details of one recovered, one underwent isolation at the Padang Besi SPN, one was hospitalized in Padang, one patient died and the latter was isolated in Padang Panjang Hospital.

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