What unpleasant public behaviour irritates you?

What unpleasant public behaviour irritates you? Public behavior is anything that is heard, seen or witnessed by other people in a public place. How one behaves is based on the rules, beliefs and values that are also key concepts of that person’s character. Thus, what you have as your character will be a huge influence on your behavior both in public and private. Some people try to keep parts of themselves hidden from public view, but most people are fairly consistent in their characters and their behaviors. This is why opinions of people have been sought as to what public behavior could be irritating. There are unruly attitudes exhibited by some people in public that could be disgusting to others watching. Ireti Balogun, "ladies are known to scratch their hair but when I see guys who consistently do such in public, I am completely turned off because it makes me wonder how unkempt and dirty the man could be.” John Adegbite said “I get irritated when I see girls chew gum and make funny sounds with it. For Pete’s sake! Must they disturb others with the gum? Can’t gum be chewed without making a noise? Where have they dropped their manners?” Peace Chukwudi said the sight of a man unzipping his pants to wee in the gutter gets me irritated. “men should please bear till they find a toilet, so as to avoid covering their manhood with hands from prying eyes while urinating”

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